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Bangalore, India

"We love working with startups and product teams."

Selected Open Source
  • NodeJam: AgileHead supports the upcoming NodeJam project
  • Crankshaft: Node.JS Build System with an ES7 async API
  • Isotropy: Full stack Isomorphic JS Framework.
  • AgileFx (2008, Windows): LINQ based ORM and Visual Studio Modeling tools.
  • Big Brother (2013, Windows): MDbg based Debugger for recording runtime behaviour of applications
  • JobHunt (2006): Python, Django Job Portal

"I have worked with Agilehead for many years; we have used their services in different areas and technologies. They bring to the table a very professional attitude and they understand business needs exceptionally well. Their technical capabilities are second to none. They get the job done!."

Raghu PJ, TekSystems

"Our project was facing technical hurdles and we had tough deadlines, but these guys got it back on track in four weeks. Not only were they extremely adept and hands-on with technology, they even contributed to the overall UX of our product. We loved working with AgileHead."

Keshav A, CYC Consulting

Jeswin Kumar

Open source guy, hacker. 16 years in the industry. Loves the JavaScript ecosystem. Has consulted for over 15 companies in India and abroad. Resume

Hemchand Thalanchery

16 years in the industry. Managed teams big and small. Loves programming. Plenty of Startup experience. Big Data, Java, .Net, Python, Open Source. LinkedIn